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Our classes encourage students to connect to their breath, listen to their own bodies, go at their own pace and rest when needed. Our classes follow a meditative and spiritually connected tradition fusing yoga asana (poses) with pranayama (breath). 

$100 for 10 classes when purchasing class cards. Drop-in rate is $15.
Classes are one-hour, unless otherwise noted.
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6 pm Vinyasa Flow
7:15 - 8:45 pm Night Cap Flow*

4:30pm Vinyasa Flow
6 pm Gentle Flow

6:30 am Vinyasa Flow
10 am Restorative Flow
5 pm Vinyasa Flow
6 pm Pilates for Runners - registration required

9:30 am Vinyasa Flow
4:30 Vinyasa Flow
6 pm Gentle Flow
7:15 Chakra Yoga Series^

10am Wake and Flow
6:30 - 8 pm Restorative Yoga*

*Class is 90 minutes and $20
^Class is one hour and $20.
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Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa yoga classes transition from one posture to another through a series of breath-based movements. A Vinyasa practice builds heat in the body, increases strength and flexibility in equal measure and concludes with a cool-down period before savasana, the final resting pose. All classes are tailored to accommodate different skill levels.

Gentle Flow

Gentle flow yoga classes encourage poses and sequences that are practiced at a slower pace. Under clear guidance from the instructor, students are given time for each pose to center and focus on their breath and for final relaxation, each class ends with a guided meditation. For seasoned students, this class offers the option of deepening your current practice and for beginners, this class offers an approachable way to begin your practice.

Restorative Flow

Restorative classes are intended to be healing and nurturing for the body and mind. Most poses are held while laying on the mat and props are used to support the body. Each posture is intended to be effortless and relaxing. Guided meditations, breath work and essential oils are offered throughout the class.

Runners Series and Class

These classes will increase core strength, correct postural imbalances and improve running speed and endurance. Sequences will focus on postures that help enhance strength and flexibility and encourage stretching and lengthening of the key muscles used for running.