Do you feel the emotions of others?
Are you easily drained by negative people?
Do strangers ask you for advice?
Is your intuition really accurate?
Do you feel drawn to help others?
Can you feel things before they happen?
Do you take on the energy of others?

If you answered yes to several or all of these questions then you, dear one, are an empath.
Life as such can be extremely rewarding or very crippling, especially if you are feeling disconnected from self and others. In this disconnect- sadness, anxiety, body pain, emotional stagnation, self-abusive behaviors, addiction and shame are often present.
I invite you to understand how to navigate this gift and free yourself from abuse, negative patterns and old agreements and narratives that are masking your truth. 
As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Empath and Intuitive Healer, I can try to help- less by sharing my own journey, but more by honoring yours so you may live in love and light-connected, grounded and celebrated. You deserve all of it. 

To schedule an appointment with Jacqlyn Diamond you may email her at or call 610-308-0010